1980 Puch Maxi

So bought this moped two years ago, and I love it, that is till today...

I put it up on the stand to start and it did, when I took it off the stand and the back wheel hit the ground it shut off.???

So I put it back on the stand, it's running. back wheel is spinning, so I apply the back brake and it shuts off, now when I take off the stand to put it away the back wheel is not locked up, but it's not peddling like before, the motor is turning as I'm peddling?

Any Help Would Be Appreciated

Thanks (edited)


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roots to wings /

One of your 3 lights or ground to. Possibky horn

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Re: 1980 Puch Maxi

Dirty30 Dillon /

What the above poster was trying to explain is that on certain mopeds, the ignition coil's "earth" side passes through the brake bulb in your taillight, so when the brake is applied, it will kill the bike.

In this case, that's not the problem because last time I checked the Puch's ignition coil doesn't utilize the brake light in this function, and also because just setting the rear wheel to earth while running wouldn't even utilize the brake light anyway.

Most likely, I am going to lean towards a stuck clutch. You can pull the cover and service fairly simply. If you haven't changed the fluids/inspected the trans since buying, now is the time.

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Will Do.....I'll let ya know the result..

Re: 1980 Puch Maxi

What a beauty, good luck!

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Re: 1980 Puch Maxi

What side bags is that?? I want those for my long seat bike!!

And man that is one pretty bike man!!!!

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