Hobbit- how replace variator bearing.

I am cleaning the variator on a Hobbit and it “looks” like the bearing is worn. How you you remove the bearing and if it is worn are there replacements available. Or should I just clean and relube it and leave well enough alone. Thanks Jack.

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Re: Hobbit- how replace variator bearing.

not sure i get the Q. there's not really a bearing in there, do you mean the one behind it on the crank? or the bushing in it? or do you mean the rear variator/trans?

Re: Hobbit- how replace variator bearing.

Dirty30 Dillon /

Probably referring to the bearing inside the clutch bell, but I doubt it would look worn, probs just missing the bushing

Re: Hobbit- how replace variator bearing.

Jack Nielsen /

Sorry I did not phrase the question correctly. Yes the bearing in question is the one inside the “bell”. I removed and disassemble the variator to clean & service and noticed the bearing. I was wondering the degree of difficulty in removing and inspecting the bearing and where to purchase a replacement. Jack

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