Almost there... I hope...

1995 Hero-Majestic Panther Moped

The carb is cleaned. Completely. Twice.

Gas tank cleaned. 50:1 as prescribed.

New fuel lines.

Exhaust cleaned.

Filter cleaned.

Spark plug fires. New plug.

I was having troubles with the ignition key. Turns out it wasn't hooked up. I put a switch on and rewired it.

Check all the grounds. Changed a few connections that looked bad.

NOTHING. Tried pedaling for as long as I could many times.

Spark plug us wet, and it sparks when I test it. Its not wet with straight gas. Its kind

of rust colored.

Any help would be beyond appreciated guys. Thank you for any help in advance!

Re: Almost there... I hope...

decomp leaks pretty likely.

whats your jet?

also still a spark issue is possible.

I'd try gas off, maybe even carb off and see if it fires up with starter fluid, if yes, you know its a fuel issue and if no, it's probably NOT a fuel issue and spark or compression (again - decomp?)

could also be bottom end compression, maybe a leakdown is due but easy stuff 1st

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