a35 compression after rebuild

Chris Boisvert /

Bought a used targa with about 12000 miles. Was barely running when I picked it up. Decided to do a fresh rebuild so I did a top end rebuild with new jug standard size airsal with piston and rings. Only getting 40 lbs of compression. Rings are not broken and piston is in the right way. New reed as well. New base gasket. Tried going back to old jug and even the old piston and getting the same condition which is low compression. Moped will start and run very low idle for about five seconds and quit and while choke is on. We nice the throttle turns the choke off it will rev higher but than die. Was thinking there may be an air leak. Looking for input.

Re: a35 compression after rebuild

I'd suspect the compression tester first.

Re: a35 compression after rebuild

So compression tester is suspect. A motor wont run on 40 lbs. Im suspecting air fuel mixture.

Did the oil injectuon last 12k too? Did you delete and not cap off the nipple on intake manifold.

Does the plug get soaking wet? Look for fuel deluvery and definitely look into changing out your crank seals n clutchs.

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