67’-69’ PC50 Engine tear down video/pix

I have a 1967-1969 PC50 ‘Y’ (Preview model) 49cc 4 cycle Little Hobbit that I’m having a problem with peddling to start the Eng. One min it was working great. Next min I go to start and it feels locked up, when I engage the lever to start the Eng. but flip the lever back and peddles great?? Could not find anyone that could help! No videos or pix or anything out there that could help with this! I have worked on numerous cars, dirt bikes, racing go karts, and was in the AF and worked on aircraft. But this is my first moped engine or anything like this Eng. I got the Eng torn down and can’t see anything obvious at all as to why I’m having this problem? I will continue with the video tomorrow. U can pm me for more info or whatever if I can help. Afbluemarine@gmail


Re: 67’-69’ PC50 Engine tear down video/pix

can you spin just the crank? is that pushrod?

Re: 67’-69’ PC50 Engine tear down video/pix

Rodger Folkerts /

Yes, everything rotated, spun etc. it was the peddle shaft spring. I took the spring out and stretched it, now it works great! That’s all it was. Lol

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