Leaking gas Peugeot 103

Thank you in advance! I am new to this and believe I have a 1987 Peugeot 103 49cc.

I has not been used in years and yesterday I took her on her madden voyage, she ran great but leaker lots of gas. Attached is a picture of where I thing it is leaking what can I do are there any tutorials on how to tighten the bowl or replace the black gasket (see picture.

Thank you again



Re: Leaking gas Peugeot 103

Pretty cool, a rigid 103. That gasket is better in paper thick. But most likely your needle float and needle seat need attention.

Re: Leaking gas Peugeot 103

mike harari /

Thank you!

Do you know of a video that will show me how to do that (and take that part off)?

Re: Leaking gas Peugeot 103

No vdo needed. Its that phillips bolt n just wiggle it off. I meant fiber washer gasket.

Re: Leaking gas Peugeot 103

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