Moped mechanic

Does anybody know of a moped mechanic in orange county or LA County? I am looking for someone to do some restoration work.

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Near LA. I would look up Baird for resto. He does really great work for stock original restorations.

Here is one of his threads.,4455592,page=1

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I’m out of Long Beach and might be able to help you out depending on what you need. Feel free to send me a PM on here, or contact our clubs Instagram page @Heavy_Pedders_mpc and someone will get the info.

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Theres an app to find a moped mechanic.

First you gotta open the camera app like you were gonna capture a qr code, then you find the button that flips the camera. You should see a live picture of a capable moped mechanic, some searches on this forum should help them solve most any issues you've got

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Re: Moped mechanic

I was gonna tell hime the same Will, but it sounded more like they want a restoration more than just repair.

I can make repairs happen, but a good restore is still something I'm not the best at.

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