fa50 question

ok like i said on the first post i have worked on lots of 4cycle engines but maybe 3 2cycles so this bike i can start it and it will run for a few minutes and then stop. i took off the carb and the bowl if full of gas. i have a new carb in the mail but tell me the muffler on this bike someone drilled about 5 1/2" holes in the end of the can so can this be one reason it just does not want to stay idle? i guess when the new carb is installed and if it does the same thing i can rule out the fuel. outside of getting the adjustments calibrated. today i took the carb again and thi time i adjusted the air mix so that i could just about feel the aid going thru the jet at the back of the slide and when i installed it i again had to turn it out maybe 5 turns to get any kind of steady idle. also, someone asked if the main slide adjusting screw had the o ring and washer in there and it had the busted o ring ar the bottom under the spring and no washer so i put in the spring and the washer and then the o ring and then the adjusting screw, that may be the wrong order but i had to start somewhere. i put a timing light on it and it goes to 10 dbtdc and as it starts to idel down it does go to 5 dbtdc and then the engine dies so i can't tell what the timing might be at idle. i was due to the get the carb today but it got delayed so maybe friday and then i will install it and see what i get. but now i'm wondering if the holes in the muffler might be part f the issue, if anyone has the answer please let me know so tomorrow i can weld them up and be ready for the new carb. thanks much bp.

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