Yamaha Champ LB80 3D build

Pulled a Champ out of someone's backyard earlier this year for 50 bucks. Moped Seat dude built a seat for me. Put on new tires and tubes today. Man, those tires were a bitch! But here's the progress so far. The cylinder was trashed. Finally found one on ebay. Got a gasket kit and new seals and bearings. I need to clean up the pipe. But good progress so far.

Re: Yamaha Champ LB80 3D build

Sick bike. I had a chappy and that thing was indestructible. Never had it on the road. Basicly used it as a mini bike.

Re: Yamaha Champ LB80 3D build

Put the engine back together with new bearings, seals, and gaskets. Mounted the engine back on the frame. It's not completely hooked up with fuel and oil lines yet. But the real issue is there's no spark. Probably gonna take a while to figure that out.


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