Tomos A55 Case Splitting - Need Help

Hey guys,

I'm trying to split the case on my A55 tomos to replace the gasket. Was leaking clutch fluid pretty bad beforehand. I'm trying to do this from the clutch side removing as few components as possible.

I've started pulling the cover off but am having trouble slipping the cover up off the crankshaft. Seems like maybe its hung up on something. Its off both alignment pins. See the pics attached. Am I going about this the right way? Should I stop here or keep pulling it off to replace the gasket?



Re: Tomos A55 Case Splitting - Need Help

Go ahead and pull the flywheel and stator.

I usually heat the area around the main bearing with a propane torch, then with the flywheel nut on the end of the crank shaft give it some light taps. Repeat on transmission side, but take care not to mess up the end of the crankshaft. A hard wood mallet might work, plastic might work too, or use a block of hard wood against the crank and use a regular hammer.

You're going to want a gasket set, main bearings and seals, and it looks like a new main gear, probably the claw collar too. Inspect the other transmission bearings, but they're usually ok. Make sure to flush them out real good if you have metal debris in the case.

Re: Tomos A55 Case Splitting - Need Help

Just found your discussion with full instructions on how to do this. Thanks.

Re: Tomos A55 Case Splitting - Need Help

Looks like you got a garage and work on things. If you ever find yourself splitting cases again consider a universal case splitter. Its child's play really. No hammers, blocks or torches. Oh and harbor freight sells some nice brass hammers.


Re: Tomos A55 Case Splitting - Need Help


case splitter is an awesome tool

i also have metal slugs so i can heat the area around bearings so i can

slip the bearings in easily

MAPP gas torch too

Motocross & Off Road Performance Handbook

author: Eric Gorr

i learned a lot from this on how to rebuild 2 stroke engines

Re: Tomos A55 Case Splitting - Need Help

Steven Bolduc /

Wow what a clean work area and tools,!

I could learn from the pics.

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