Motobecane variator fixed cheek removal.

hello.reverse nut is removed. im assuming cheek is also reverse thread? i put it in a vice, cheek side face down horizontal but it still moves when i try to loosen it. its damaging it and im afraid to over tighten vice and fold it a bit. should i torch it? i have penatrating lube on it. getting frustrated. any clean good ideas so i dont damage it?? ive tried a few from previous posts. help me out?! youd think there would be a solid way. again i have it in a vice so its like a upside down plate on its edges. seems its going to bow if i tighten vice more to grip it.thanks (edited)

Re: Motobecane variator fixed cheek removal.

aron nora /

i now see cheek is standard thread. and looked at video of removal. dont have the little bolt down clamps but i can try a literal leather belt and make the jig at clutch side. hope i didnt fup my cheek. or threads.

Re: Motobecane variator fixed cheek removal.

> nora abell wrote:

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> I have a '78 Motobecane 50v. It starts up no problem and runs great for

> about an hour. When it gets nice and hot it sputters out and won't start

> back up again. It starts intermittently if I feather the decompressor. I

> did some research and it seems like it might be the condensor or CDI

> points. My only problem is that I haven't been able to get the flywheel

> off. Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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