Mb5 gas tank

Dennis Ostrem /

My “white whale.” I’ve spent months working on this perpetually leaking tank. Tried two liner applications with no help. Finally just cut out the rusted bottom a manufactured a new one(crudely) in 5 parts because of all the curves. Spot welded it then packed the gaps with Water Weld epoxy. Last step was to paint on a couple of coats of an epoxy primer that they told me was resistant to gas, alcohol, diesel, and even nitromethane. Just ready to paint and I found another leak which I’ve ground down and patched with Water Weld. I’ll do the epoxy primer tomorrow.

Now I’m concerned because the shape of the bottom is a little off, binding on the frame. I managed to figure out a way to bolt it down so it’s functionally fine. However the front tool compartment doesn’t quite fit. It works but it’s not perfect. Good enough for me but if I want to sell it high end, I don’t think it will pass.

I’m trying to decide whether to open the bottom and reform it to fit or just move on and sell it for less. Everything else on the bike is indeed perfect. Ideas?


Re: Mb5 gas tank

todd amundson /

Stop spending money on water weld and all that BS! Start searching for a new tank. Your spending way to much effort on something that’s going to fail in under a block. Your shit don’t fit right already either. It’s a doorstop. Give up.

Or you can continue on, get it running, and poke at me with follow up topic entries. But just throw in the towel. It’s easier.

Re: Mb5 gas tank

Casswell it.

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