City bike headlight

I’ve recently given new life to my 1976 cimatti citybike with the minarelli v1 engine. All is fine with an exception. As the bike is idling on the stand, the headlight and tail lights work great , bright and strong. Brake lights also function properly. When I mount up and ride, the headlight goes out and only the brake lights work. I’m stumped. Any advice?

Re: City bike headlight

Something is grounding out, maybe the wires under the rear fender for the lights are frayed and with weight on it grounds out? Trace 'em down.

Re: City bike headlight

The brake light is powered by a different circuit than the headlight and taillight.

Scroll down to Cimatti:

Something is shorting out or breaking contact in your lighting circuit. Check the relevant wires and connections to frame "ground."

Re: City bike headlight

Larry Wright /

Hallelujah!! I removed the rear wheel and located the bare wire running along the inside fender. I made the repair and re-routed the wire under the fuel tank. I also ground off the metal tabs which held the wires in place. Thanks for the tip!

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