Solo Odyssey 40/1 Brake Light/Kill Switch Wiring

Hey all,

New here, new to mopeds... Just bought my first one :) It's a Solo Odyssey 40/1. Low miles, garage kept (mostly) and CHEAP because it wasn't running when I bought it. After a little TLC on the carb, air filter, fuel lines it starts and runs great! So all of the major stuff looks great, but there are alot of little things I need to get fixed.

So one issue I found was the Brake Light stays on all the time. The accessory switch works, headlight and horn work fine. I tracked the issue down to a ground wire(?) coming off of the brake lever. If I ground that wire to the handlebars the brake light goes off and works normally when the brakes are used or the lights are turned on. So I "think" that that little ground wire was originally connected under the kill switch. I can't see anywhere else it would be able to go. Which leads me to my second question: There is only 1 wire going to the kill switch. So I think this thing is wired to use the frame as the ground. The only wiring diagrams I can find are for the Columbia with the Solo engine and the 5 wire Bosch stator, and they both show a black ground wire that the kill switch connects to, and a white wire that the brake switches would connect to.

Can someone with a stock Solo Odyssey 40/1 or 40/2 take a pic of their Brake/kill switch wiring? Or, if you've had or seen one let me know if my wiring is OK, and I just need to ground that black wire to the handlebars. I have attached a pic of my current setup. Ignore the sad looking kill switch, its seen better days.



Re: Solo Odyssey 40/1 Brake Light/Kill Switch Wiring

Can we see the whole moped ? :)

Re: Solo Odyssey 40/1 Brake Light/Kill Switch Wiring

Do whatever works tape or zip tie it on there and dont look back.

Re: Solo Odyssey 40/1 Brake Light/Kill Switch Wiring

Jeremy Crouch /

Yep, more pics here. She's got rust on the forks, missing a speedo cable and the kill switch issue. Otherwise in great condition. Speedometer says 292 miles... No way to know if it's the original one or how long the cable was missing.


Re: Solo Odyssey 40/1 Brake Light/Kill Switch Wiring

100% yea the frame is almost always used as ground on all mopeds. And I dont have pice but have had that control set and the brake grounds under/inside the kill switch. That might not be exactly the right killswitch, I'm picuring the longer oval ones rather than the simple circles but still, wire it up til it works, sounds like youre already there

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