Honda Ruckus "Bubbling" Loud Sound

I have a Honda ruckus, not sure of year. I hit a bump recently and it started making a bubbling noise that has progressed and now the scooter is very loud in general. My local moped repair shuttered due to COVID and so I'm trying my hand at repairing myself for the first time. Can anyone help me diagnose what happened?

Here's a video:

Re: Honda Ruckus "Bubbling" Loud Sound

That's a modern four-stroke scooter, not a vintage two-stroke moped.

While there might be someone here to can help you, this isn't the kind of bike we focus on. You'll have better luck on a scooter-focused forum or FB group. (edited)

Re: Honda Ruckus "Bubbling" Loud Sound

The exhaust is broken either where it mounts to the cylinder or where the header goes into the actual muffler. Or the header could be loose and the exhaust gasket is blown.

Re: Honda Ruckus "Bubbling" Loud Sound

That's called an exhaust note....lmfao at "bubbling" order a new exhaust from Honda, with gaskets, easy enough to replace. Also, not a moped, don't care what your plate says, it's a scooter, as mentioned above there are forums where you can get far more detailed information than this one. I don't hate on scooters, but this is not the place for your question.

Re: Honda Ruckus "Bubbling" Loud Sound

Dirty30 Dillon /

Stated above, but you have either a tremendous leak or broken exhaust. Replacement should be very straightforward and parts easy to find

Re: Honda Ruckus "Bubbling" Loud Sound

punkrock randy /

Lol, i was riding w a dude on a Ruckus the other weekend when his aftermarket exhaust, supported only by the bolts at the head, came off and slid down the road a good distance. Hilarious to watch and even better to hear as he continued to ride, not so hilarious for the valves. Bubbly

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