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I have a motobecane 50v stock enging can't get it start. Ever since I had the frame powder coated I put two engines av7 niether one would start I put three ground straps even switch over to le partie cdi would not start. I switch back over to points and new external condenser new wovi coil still would not start I think my moped is really posit with evil. I have two other stock mobys that I rebuilt and never had any problems untill I got this black le moped. I have puch moped with cdi ignitions completely restore mopeds and this has been my first headache any ideas would help.

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Assumptions are working against you on this, I'm afraid--at least, until you tell more about this bike. Do you know for sure that the kill switch is in the "open" position, or have you tried with it disconnected? Have you tried hard wiring the engine, bypassing the other systems? Did you scrape the surfaces totally bare metal where the ground straps attach? Where are the ground straps mounted? All wiring under the flywheel is well insulated and no chance you have a stator wire pinched or rubbed through, grounding out? You can't assume much when you have a situation like yours until after you double/triple checked the entire ignition system -all components and related wiring--from top to bottom. Hang in there, man. It's a cool bike that's worth the trouble

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Its too nice to ride.

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