Piaggio Si rebuild


My name is Igor and I live in Russia.

There is very little information on the moped, so I ask for help.

1. The rear pulley is 95 mm which belt should I buy?

2. I can't disassemble the steering wheel. I unscrewed the upper bolt, the washers were unscrewed, the clips with the bearings were visible, but I could not pull the steering wheel out. Something is holding him.

3. You need to buy spare parts to bring the moped back to its normal form. What shops would you recommend?

I will be glad to any advice and tips


Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Nice bike, treatland.tv but im not sure how international shipping works.

The forks should just drop out once the headset bolts are off.

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Giuseppe Zappa /

Quill style headset…like a bicycle….

See this:



Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

I will look at the steering wheel using your advice.

I never figured out the length of the belt. The pulley is 95 mm long; the old belt has a length of 1140 mm. The link for this pulley must be another belt https://www.treatland.tv/vespa-piaggio-single-speed-drive-belt-p/vespa-stock-belt.htm

What do you advise?

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Pick out your stock size in the drop down menu, select whatever belt you want, there are many choices choose one or go to your tractor store and size up with your old belt..

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild


Please tell me the size of the oil seal

I doubt that the correct one is worth

Have a nice day


Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Get some calipers or measure against some wrenches.

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild


Buy front brake or wheel assembly

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

So far done:

- Replaced rubber with cameras on both wheels

- Front wheel bearings serviced with grease change

- Replaced the gearbox oil seal, cleaned everything, new gasket and new oil

- Installed a new rear brake pad

- Installed covers for the engine and cylinder

- Replaced shock absorber complete with rubber bands

- Replaced sprocket bearing and serviced bearings


- Buy and replace the clutch

- Buy a new belt

- Service the front fork and steering wheel

- Find the front wheel assembly, but better only the brake mechanism

-Put it all together

I don't seem to have forgotten anything

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

I usually just unthread the bolt on the handlebars a few turns and tap on it with a hammer. It will knock the wedge piece loose.

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild


Your advice helped me

Today I went through the steering wheel bearings, greased everything and serviced the fork

The moped is 85% ready for this year


Re: Piaggio Si rebuild


I assembled a moped and the following questions arose:

1. Wheel disks have a noticeable curvature, can they be balanced or buy new analogues.

2. The engine starts only on the step. Although before parsing, I started up from the footboard and on the go.

3. It does not go down a slope of 20% even with the carburetor valve fully open. Are the centrifugal clutch pads and belt worn out? Or some other reason?

I will be glad for any help

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Rim bent, hmm mags usually dont get bent too bad. Possibly u messed up on the bearings?

Vespa doesnt run good or doesnt move? Or lacks power?

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

The moped starts poorly, drives and accelerates normally. Clutch pad wear?

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Is it possible to balance the alloy wheels of a moped?

Is it possible to put electronic ignition through a coil?

Re: Piaggio Si rebuild

Maybe I can help you.

1. The disassembly of the faucet needs to loosen the nut first, withdraw for about 6 turns, and then knock with a hammer, because there is an expansion device at the end of the faucet;

2. Electronic ignition vehicles need to replace the crankcase and ignition coil, so according to the current situation, there may not be enough accessories to do it;

3. It is difficult to start. It may be that your belt is worn too much, or the starting friction block in your rear clutch is worn too much. Please check or upload photos.

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