moby 50v ignition 1980

Weak yellow spark. I set the points, will check for grounds in the magneto stator coils. I have seen some photos of the internal coils, they show two coils (an ignition coil, a lighting coil), and a condenser. Mine has three coils, but I don't see the round "pot" condenser. Where is the condenser? Under the coils? I feel that the 1980 condenser could use a refresh. Just in case I have ordered a new "Wovi" plug coil from Treatland, and will order a condenser, if I can find it.

Re: moby 50v ignition 1980

The condenser is sort of underneath the stator plate near the bottom. Just bypass it and mount a new, generic one externally--see the wiki. That's a common Moby problem, almost as prevalent as bad grounds and screwed up kill switches.

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