1985 Honda Spree Oil in Bottom End, Starter or Battery Issue

Aaron Dacanay /

Hello all,

I've got two issues going on here.

A while back I took this scooter apart to clean the carb and wanted to check the oil injector. I didn't notice anything wrong with the oil injector, but I noticed a ton of oil in the bottom end. I took the spark plug out to check for spark, turned the engine over and oil was spewing out of the cylinder. I had to use my drill to turn the engine over because the starter was turning over the engine insanely slow even with a full battery charge. Even my drill was struggling at times... I was thinking the slow crank might be because of too much pressure from all that oil, or the battery or starter is bad. How would I know if the starter or battery is bad?

But back to the oil issue, could the injector be bad? I feel like it's for some reason pumping wayyyyy too much oil, is there a way to check for a faulty injector besides it possibly pumping way too much oil? If it's not normal for the bottom end to be full of oil, what's the easiest way to remove all the oil?


Re: 1985 Honda Spree Oil in Bottom End, Starter or Battery Issue

punkrock randy /

Invest in a digital multimeter if you intend on working with anything electrical. Check your battery voltage with the meter. Set to VDC, voltage DC setting. It should be near 12VDC with the scooter off. Also make sure all of your connections are clean and tight. And make sure the battery’s distilled water levels are good. But it sounds like it’s cranking over so the starter is doing it’s job. Have you checked to make sure oil’s not way overfilled in crankcase? Check hondaspree.net for good info on these. (edited)

Re: 1985 Honda Spree Oil in Bottom End, Starter or Battery Issue

Sometimes the oil injector can leak a tankful of oil into the engine if it sits for a really long time.

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