Tomos Streetmate Issues

Hey everyone! Brand new here. I just purchased a 2008 Tomos Streetmate R from a guy from Facebook Marketplace. It started when I bought it and I knew it wasn’t perfect but figured for the price it would be worth it- it runs well (when it starts) and gets up to 35-40 relatively smoothly. About 7,800 miles. After getting it home it stalled in my driveway a few times and I haven’t been able to start it since. I gave it about 10 kicks this afternoon to no avail, besides a lot of black oil leaking from the bottom. This was the first time it happened and it definitely spooked me haha. I have some friends that will look at it tomorrow but I would appreciate any reassurance and advice to know I’m not getting myself in a hole here😅 Anything would be hugely appreciated, Thanks so much!

Attached are pics of the sources of the leak and how much of it leaked out, all from a couple kickstart attempts.


Re: Tomos Streetmate Issues

Dang lost the last post. Running rich thats gas. Get a new plug ngk br7es and get in the habit of turning off your petcock when you stop.

Re: Tomos Streetmate Issues

Yeah probably a fouled plug. Start there. And like pat said, turn off your fuel when you turn off the engine. You could also turn off your fuel then run the bike till the carb runs dry.

Your carb could use a good cleaning anyway. Just be mindful about getting it back on the bike nice and tight, good place for an airleak to happen.

Re: Tomos Streetmate Issues

Max Hoyle /

Sounds good thanks! Got er running beautifully today. Gonna do a nice thorough carb clean tomorrow afternoon. (edited)

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