Bianchi Mobymatic

John McPherson /

I’ve got myself a Bianchi Mobymatic. It’s in good order, no rust and is currently undergoing a sympathetic restoration. I’m puzzled by the mechanics of the accelerator grip. I understand that rotating it one way operates the de-compressor and, the other way, operates the throttle. Unfortunately, when I got the moped it came as a frame with wheels fitted and a box of bits. Among these bits was the throttle grip mechanism; I think it’s all there but can anyone advise me how it should be assembled?

Thanks for any help available.

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Re: Bianchi Mobymatic

I'm sure you can search it and find a diagram. There's guy in the UK with an ebay store that specializes in vintage moby parts, maybe he can help? I'd have to disassemble mine (av88) to really show you, but it's not that complicated, you'll figure it out.

Re: Bianchi Mobymati.

John McPherson /

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Do you have any contact info on the EBay guy?

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