1976 Mobylette 40V

Kevin Kilgour /

Evening folks

Looking for some advice regarding spark plugs and related cap for my 40V which I am restoring for a charity event.

First of what spark plugs do you experienced folks recommend? The bike runs sweet as a nut but think the spark was put in by a Jeff Capes the last time and so the edges are looking less than desirable.

Also the spark plug boot or cap, can someone recommend where to get one that is not a silly price or a suitable alternative to the original part (which is missing). The connection is the simple ring connnector to the top of the spark.

Cheers in advance


Re: 1976 Mobylette 40V

I've had good luck with NGK boots/wires, screw right into the coil, that is an av-7 engine right? Mine had the snap on plug tip...so not 100% sure this is what you need...but mine worked better than new, maybe a place to start? Best of luck with the project.

Re: 1976 Mobylette 40V

pretty much any moped cap works, NGK B7HS is the most typical plug and will work well


Re: 1976 Mobylette 40V

If the motor top end is stock, b6hs, b7 if kitted.

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