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Video of failed start

I changed out the CDI and spark plug to the Goofit 5 pin and an NGK 4549 standard. Ran great until I put the seat back on - now it won't turn over and makes this weird clicking sound.

Any ideas?

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Update: I tested the solenoid and battery using a multimeter - they both were fine. However, the power is not completing the circuit when I connect the positive to the negative solenoid and the negative to the battery negative - then try to start. Now it's not clicking at all - not doing anything.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

You probably pinched a wire when you reinstalled your seat, and now your battery is dead.

Also, this is not a moped so there's a chance this will get shipped off to OT.

Re: Amstar Nostalgia 50 -

Thanks Dirty30 -

Moped Army comes up quite a bit in google search results for Amstar Nostalgia problems, so I thought I would try here.

I used the multimeter on the battery, and the battery appears to be pulling current.

The solenoid isn't clicking at all anymore. The lights turn on, but when I press the electric start nothing happens. I tested the resistence and it shows OL - I used a screw driver to try and bypass the solenoid but it didn't do anything.

I can't find any damaged wires. Any idea what else I could check?

Re: Amstar Nostalgia 50 - SOLVED

Replacing the seat knocked the positive wire from the solenoid lose, and kept draining the battery. Repaired the connection and secured with electrical tape.

Best way to figure out if this is the issue is to attach the black probe of the multimeter to the negative part of the battery, and the red probe of the multimeter to the negative part of the solenoid.

Try to turn the bike on - if the multimeter isn't showing any volts, the circuit isn't complete.

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