Stock jet for a garelli 2spd

My buddy got his first ped. He scored a garelli 2spd. He brought it to me for help. First thing I did was check to see if it had the basics with a little ether. It does. 💪🏽

Carb is a dellorto 14mm sha. I opened it up. Really wasn’t too dirty. But! There was no main jet in place. And the float valve can’t be right. Upside down the float is about a 45 degree angle. Definitely can’t be right. And the plastic dellorto float cannot be adjusted. Anyways.

Can some one please tell me a balll park for the stock main jet. Please🙏


Re: Stock jet for a garelli 2spd

Luke Martin /

Is it a #53?

Re: Stock jet for a garelli 2spd

Something like that would do, gotta run the filters screens and the airbox too.

Re: Stock jet for a garelli 2spd

I had a 54 and a 56 in the SHA's that I'm pretty sure were from my garellis

Re: Stock jet for a garelli 2spd

What number is in there now? It usually is a 52 for me with a 14sha on a garelli.

But the right number is specific to your bike and location. Start at 52 and work your way up. It will be under 60 for sure if it is all stock.

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