Seized crank case screws

So the screws in my crank case feel like they're cemented in. I stripped the screws, don't have a good angle to dremel them into flatheads, and I tried my impact driver with no luck. I've put penetrating oil on the screws between each of these attempts over the last few days.

I drilled the screws and tried to use an extractor, also with no luck. Now I have 5 screws whose heads are just bored out holes.

I am thinking of taking the whole case over to a welding shop and having them weld some nuts onto the heads of each screw, and using a socket wrench with a cheater pipe to try this again. Do you think that will do the trick?

Re: Seized crank case screws

Totally possible if you didnt drill too deep. The heat from the weld helps loosen things up. What motor we talking about? Also if the bolt heads are gone whats holding you back from splitting the cases? A plumbing a block of wood and a hammer does wonders.

Re: Seized crank case screws

That shit sucks so bad..

If you're adventurous you can just demolish what's left of the screws to get the cases split then go from there, or maybe get some heat into the mix

Worst case a local machine shop should take pity on you.

Re: Seized crank case screws

Didn't even think that the threading sits completely in the lower half of the case. Gonna grind out the rest of the heads and try and get it separated today.

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