'76 Garelli Super Sport Won't Idle

Aaron Dacanay /
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Hey all,

So my friend is having some trouble with his 1976 Super Sport. It just won't idle no matter what we try. We have cleaned the carb multiple times, including tiny idle jet hole. We tried adjusting the idle screw and the top screw, with no luck even when fully out. Fuel flow is perfect, new inner rubber clutch piece, new intake and exhaust gasket, new piston and rings, he says piston is oriented properly, and above 100 psi of compression (idk if that's normal or not, but he says it's fine). It's also timed properly, and I confirmed, I checked with a dial indicator. He also timed it according to manual he found online. He also told me that there is not supposed to be a gasket between the head and cylinder. Fresh 10w-40 JASO MA-2 rated engine oil. And cylinder condition was good, with no port blockages. The spark plug does indicate that it runs really lean, but when he ran it, he mostly ran it at full throttle (maybe the issue? to lean?)

We both pretty much hit a wall. We are still thinking it's the clutch that's the issue. Maybe the rubber clutch piece is still grabbing the outer piece and causing the engine to stop. But that would be weird for it to be the rubber clutch piece because it's brand new, we're thinking maybe the clutch is grabbing to much. He showed me a manual online saying it needs SAE 30. Maybe SAE 30 doesn't grab as much? But it's technically a wet clutch right? so the more it grabs the better, right? I was also thinking maybe the outer clutch piece shrunk somehow? if that's even possible.

Anyways, sorry for a long thread, we're just desperate for answers without having to pay someone to do it for us, and have the feeling of failure lol. (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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