1981 Hobbit Won't Stay Running

thomas James /

I can't figure it out, has fuel, runs for a few seconds then dies. Any ideas? Should I just take the carb out and rebuild it?

Help, it's snowing and all I want to do is hoooooooon!

Re: 1981 Hobbit Won't Stay Running

Hoooon? WTF? But yes, the carb needs to be surgically clean to run, see wiki, also clean petcock and the little screen filter inside of it. Put your front fender back on too. If carb clean does not do it, your crank seals could be bad.

Re: 1981 Hobbit Won't Stay Running

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

It's too cold today. Mine won't stay running either, without choke. Wait until the temps get above 40 degrees.

Re: 1981 Hobbit Won't Stay Running

just look at your carb, theres a couple passages you can clean out using beake cleaner and pressurized air before attempting to remove carb. also you can drain your float bowl, theres another screw and you can clean your air filter if its there.

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