FZ50 Kick Starter help!

Hi all. I’m an old geezer in the UK restoring a 1981 Suzuki FZ50 X non-runner – as a fun project. I’m no pro, but I always tinkered and repaired my cars back in the day when you could work on them, fixing a clutch, sorting the points and timing and de-coking heads etc. But this is my first time with a moped. LOL

From the poor state of screws generally, I knew the engine had been pulled apart previously. So I’ve stripped down the engine, changed all the oil seals and changed out some bearings, fitted a new piston and rings – you get the idea. The FZ50 has a wet transmission and I’ve just sealed it up with a new gasket.

The problem I have is the kickstarter is slipping. It engaged just fine before I sealed it up, but now it just slips and doesn’t engage at all. I know you have to pull the rear brake to release the kickstart gear and that is moving freely – it’s just not engaging the lay shaft and kickstarter drive gear which turns the crank.

I’ve pulled it all apart again and stripped it back down, thinking that if the engine has already been ‘fixed’ it might not have been put back correctly! I’ve found that I’m missing a star washer and a shim between the clutch assembly and the kickstarter drive gear – but everything else seems fine.

Am I missing a trick here? Has anyone else come across this problem?

Any thoughts appreciated. I don’t really want to put it all back, fill it with oil, only to find it’s not fixed! 

Re: FZ50 Kick Starter help!

In case you don't have a service manual :


Re: FZ50 Kick Starter help!

Mike West /

I do but thanks anyway! :-)

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