1978 NC 50 starting problems

Have the subject scooter and had to convert to kick start. That part works but it wouldn't start. Replaced the carb with a newer version. Will only start with starter spray in the carb. Otherwise doesn't seem to be getting any gas. Got spark, got compression, got fuel (converted to a mixture before my time). Just doesn't seem to be drawing in any gas until we spray with starter fluid. Kinda at wits end with this durn thing. Any thoughts?

Re: 1978 NC 50 starting problems

Jack Rutherford /

richen up your air/fuel mixture screw by turning to the right 1/2 turn

Re: 1978 NC 50 starting problems

Gerry Monkman /

OK, had a little better luck today by figuring out how to hold the choke closed better. It started after 7 or 8 kicks. Still needs to be better. Will also increase the richness!! Thanks

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