V1 kickstart problem

I got one of those boat anchor V1 KS motors from treats, replaced the crank, mag, stator, gaskets, bearings, etc (woulda been cheaper and easier to buy a whole bike from Italy...)

Had it running, then the kicker shaft popped out because there wasn't a circlip inside, so took it off and shelved it, until now.

Pulled the kickstart mechanism apart, and found this masterpiece of butchery:


Looks like a cotter pin rigged in for the pin that the return spring hangs on.

So I punched it out, and my question is, does the pin float in the gear? Is it pressed in? Is there a shoulder on it that keeps it from going in deep and grinding on the cover?

Does it matter? Can I just make a pin and weld it in place?

Re: V1 kickstart problem

Thanks for nothing, internet, I just did it myself...


Re: V1 kickstart problem

Better than what was ... ;)

Re: V1 kickstart problem

todd amundson /

Is that vise a Wilton?

Re: V1 kickstart problem


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