HT ignition Coil repair

So this happen to my Garelli. And if it has happen to you, then you know it is new coil time. Or is it?...

The good news out of this was that I found a use for intake/exhaust studs.


Yes my soldering skills suck. I just wanted to get it on there good and covered, knowing that I was going to seal it in silicone.


I was going to use shrink tube but due to my solder globs and then silicone, my shrink tube wouldnt fit. So black electrical tape will have to do.

I believe i have been told that "it's just mopeds" so I figure since it got my bike ripping again that it was a solid win in moped land. The longest part of the process was waiting for the silicone to dry. And of course I got antsy, messed it up requiring additional silicone in the end.

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

I have to ask : why the stud ?

Why not simply wire to wire ?

I mean , beside being just mopeds . ;)

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

Jay Rivett /

Hey ya know cuz I made stuff more difficult. I feel like someone suggested using a metal link like that... but I dont see why I could not have just tried to twist and solder the wires together.

Better idea P.D. thanks. For next time.

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

Jay Rivett /

And this happened outside today after I got the bike running. Coincidence? I don't think so. Thank you moped gods for shining on me.


Re: HT ignition Coil repair

Must be rainbow day .

I saw one this morning after a short shower we had .

The sun was just breaking the horizon .

Re: HT ignition Coil repair


On some coils the plug wire just screws out. New plug wire is cheap. Hell, a new coil is cheap.

But yeah, splicing the wires together would be simpler and better. I usually use a simplified version of the Western Union splice.

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

Sick A safety pin through the wire works to. Your soldering is fine, but you didn't heat the stud enough for it to flow nicely

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

id seen your other post, a wood screw small preferrably brass woulda worked cut off on one end sharp.

or this:

same w numbers napa can probably get it:

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

Anything copper or zinc based woulda worked better. That will break from vibration, but the solder kinda flowed into the threads so it'll be intermittent break.i wouldn't be surprised if it isn't bonded at all and the joint is purely mechanical from the solder shrinking into the threads

....standard solder is not designed to work on ferrous metals. I use a special blend with a 400w hotdog iron to solder steel shield tabs to ground planes on old electronics....

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

♣Slew Foot♣ /

There should be a vampire tap inside the coil. If you are going for the fix do a tap on the coil. Get new wire.

After a few months that shrink wrap will fail or it will rain.

Re: HT ignition Coil repair

Jay Rivett /

I'm going to let it be for as long as possible. I will let you folks know when and how it breaks.

Unfortunately the mounting position for these coils dont allow every coil to be attached to the frame where it needs to be and still allow the side cover pieces to go on. If I get the same coil that fits properly then they all seem to be the glued in wires. But it shouldn't be an issue since the coil I "fixed" lasted for 40yrs and only broke due to my own negligence. We will see when the time comes.

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