14mm bing breather/vent/primer question

Sooo another bing question here. Does a 14mm bing vent from the ticker primer thingy or from the lil hole in the top of the part the float bowl screws into?

Asking cuz my carb never had the primer buddy that pushes the float down so I plugged that hole with a little rubber cap. Still starts fine without priming but I’m wondering if plugging it is causing issues.

Re: 14mm bing breather/vent/primer question

Ps I started a different thread since I didn’t find this info when searching and it could be helpful for future moped nerds who are too cheap to buy a new carb

Re: 14mm bing breather/vent/primer question

replying to my own thread again lol. After snooping around i realized the second hole i mentioned is for fuel overflow. I'm wondering now if with the ticker/primer plugged pressure builds up in the float bowl thus causing fuel delivery issues. Is some sort of venting needed on a bing float bowl?

Re: 14mm bing breather/vent/primer question

A hole thru the float bowl to air serves as a vent and an overflow indicator.

Re: 14mm bing breather/vent/primer question

roots to wings /

My bikes would not start without the primer active. I run my bowls close to dry at the end of a ride and I think performance parts start better with a full bowl.

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