Runs too good?

Won't settle down and idle, racing faster than it should??

Shay 15.15 with a #68 Jet

Tried air gas screw, does not do anything, still races

Throttle works as it should, have double checked cable to no avail

runs great around the neighborhood but when you stop and put it on the stand it just races?

Any thoughts?

Re: Runs too good?

Air leak

Re: Runs too good?

Johnny Braaapp /

Spray some carb cleaner lightly around the intake area. If it affects idle/dies, then ya got an air leak bud.

Re: Runs too good?

Robert Parr /

I did and i do :(

Thanks for the input, guess it's drop the engine time to get to the intake and clean it up along with the reed valve get it all sealed nicely and that should do the trick, thanks again.


p.s. and if i can remember i will get back with you and let you know how it all went.

Re: Runs too good?

yes fix and post picts, also what bike it is?

Re: Runs too good?

Johnny Braaapp /

Should be an easy fix. No big deal, let us know how you make out.

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