Sachs "Torpedo" hub

I have a Victoria Vicky 2 and a Victoria FM38. both have Sach Torpedo single speed hubs. On the FM 38 the axle is bad, the bearing cone broke. On the Vicky the cone is cracked. I thought that the axle on both were 10mm X 1, but they are not. They are slightly larger. Does anyone know where I can buy parts for the Sachs Torpedo hubs? also I would like to know what type of thread it is. The axle measures about 10.28mm or .410. the thread is 1 mm or 26tpi. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers from cedar Crest New Mexico.

Re: Sachs "Torpedo" hub

Terbo Speghetti /

I don't know where to find those parts, but a machine shop should be able to whip em up for relatively cheap. It's at least worth asking

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Can you take that axle with you to the hardware store and test different nuts?

PS: I have an 70's Ducati that actually has a few parts with 7/16 x 20 threads.

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Do you have a pic of the hub? 10mm seems small, like a bicycle hub. I have a few old Sachs torpedo bike hubs, might have what you need.

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Brian Tyree /

I received a reply from a fellow in Germany who says that the tread is 10.55mm X 26tpi. I will attach a diagram. I think it is the same thread that they use on some Sturmey Archer hubs. The size is also sometimes quoted as 13/32 X 26tpi. The axle is 170 mm long.

Torpedo heavyweight hub.gif

Re: Sachs "Torpedo" hub

Could it be BSC thread?

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It is odd that you would have a metric size axle with Cycle thread. 26TPI is cycle thread.

Playing with older British motorcycles and bicycles I know they used those threads.

You ought to post a picture of the Victoria Vicki 2.

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look on sheldon browns bike site for info on all the hubs, there are some weird ones.

That's super cool, I love th vickys

Re: Sachs "Torpedo" hub

I have been in touch with Brian. He's a close friend.

Say's he is going to attempt to build a 10.5mm x 26 tap.

Wish I lived closer so I could watch him do this, going to be interesting.

Maybe I can get him to take pictures and write an article on how he did or does it.

Re: Sachs "Torpedo" hub

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