Frozen Carb

Hey Guys,

How long do you usually let something soak. I got a carb that is stuck, and i am wondering, how long should i let it sit in Automatic Transition Fluid? I have let it sit for about 16 hours, and am wondering how long i should let it sit.


Re: Frozen Carb

What about the carb is stuck ?

Re: Frozen Carb

I cant pull apart the cylinder that clears the airway up or down. Also, the jets are stuck

Re: Frozen Carb

Sounds like something stronger that ATF will be needed .

Maybe some Berryman's carb dip .

Re: Frozen Carb

well...i got a few days until my fly wheel puller comes in the mail. So i am just going to let it soak and see if it free's up. Unless you guys got a better secrete sauce to try.

Re: Frozen Carb

roots to wings /

I used PB Blaster on a carb cylinder, atomizer, and jet that were crusted stuck this weekend. If it's a bing you should be able to gently pry the slide out from the intake opening.

Re: Frozen Carb

Just thinking, if the carb pot metal is oxidized and puffed up maybe something that kills oxidization. That way the salts will dissolve leaving just pot metal, hmm. Maybe try some stuff that removes rust.

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