Puch Wiring

I am in the processing of rewiring a 78 Maxi together.

I noticed there are 2 black wires coming from my to my knowledge untouched wiring harness. In the few Puchs I have delt with I only knew there to be one black wire coming from the kill switch that runs to the block with the ignition coil and stator. Don't 't see any wiring diagrams with 2 black wires. Where would this rogue second black wire be coming from? I haven't gotten into it fully but wanted to put it out here and see if someone has a quick answer and wiring tip for it.

Re: Puch Wiring

Probably Fred /

You need to know what exact model you have and look up the wiring diagram here


Sometimes people mistake a blue black for a black

On my 1980 Maxiluxe The 2 black wires just reconnects on the other side of the bus and the blue ignition coil wire could be on either side



Re: Puch Wiring

Newman Ryno /

Thanks Ken

Newport wiring has 2 black wires coming from kill switch apparently.

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