I need some Jury Rigging advice

Below is an image of my mopeds air intake tube. I don't have the money nor the time to reinstall what used to be on there and I would much rather put a high performance air filter on it. However the last time I tried doing so, the moped sputtered and didn't seem to go anywhere past 10 to 15 mph. I think it was getting too much air but I'm not sure so my question is what kind of air filter can I put over this area so that I won't have to mess with my carb.


Re: I need some Jury Rigging advice

If that's a gy6 you can probably find the stock airbox for about the same price as a high flow filter.

Re: I need some Jury Rigging advice

You use the word “reinstall”. What is wrong with the original filter? Because, If I was considering being cheap and rigging something together, it would involve using the original filter housing with a comparable filter material.

I pulled this thing off the bike I got in Africa. Locals had to be resourceful and tied foam to the filter cage with poly twine.


Re: I need some Jury Rigging advice

punkrock randy /

Measure it and get a filter with same diameter? Put small piece of pvc or something slightly smaller diameter to couple and clamp onto? Get crafty yo👍🏼

Re: I need some Jury Rigging advice

Pantyhose over the hole held with zip ties. Layer them over u til you create enough resistance that your carb wants for it's current setup. It ain't pretty but it will get you going for the time being.

Re: I need some Jury Rigging advice

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