Tomos A3k Kickstart Machanism

Just acquired these A3k kickstart mechanism bits, I suspect that there are bits missing, can anyone tell me if that is correct ?.......also, am I right in thinking that the return spring won't work without the magneto cover (which I have still to source) in place ?


Re: Tomos A3k Kickstart Machanism

It looks like you have most of the important bits. I think there is another metal cup with a notch in it that goes on the other side of the return spring.

Re: Tomos A3k Kickstart Machanism

Thanks for that, yes I did wonder about that, just gotta figure out how to put it you know if the return spring attaches to the magneto cover ?

Re: Tomos A3k Kickstart Machanism

I'm not real familiar with the Kick-start version, but I believe the large circular chrome part bolts to the back of the magneto cover with two bolts. Then you install the magneto cover, then you fit the inner metal cup, spring and the outer metal cup, then the lever.

Re: Tomos A3k Kickstart Machanism

Thanks for that, yes that sounds about right.....still trying to get the outer cover..

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