possibly dumb spacer question

Steven Whitright /

i've always used spacers on sealed bearing wheel conversions where the spacer's OD are ≤ the OD of the inner race of the bearings... so they sit against the race nicely/don't touch anything else. just what i've always heard is best practice to avoid binding etc.

but now that i only have some phatty spacers on me a question popped in my head. ----> have i always been overly cautious? when looking from the side, the inner races stick out slightly further than the seals on bearings (right?) as long as the spacer and bearing's ID match, does the spacer's OD even matter? when tightening the axles up is there some force that is going to get the seals to rub, even though the spacer and them theoretically have a tiny gap between them?

TLDR using a photo in case that isn't clear... is the bottom image fucked?


Re: possibly dumb spacer question

I wouldn't worry about it to much. If you do worry then I would just taper the spacer so it only touches the race.

Re: possibly dumb spacer question

The fatty spacer should work , as long as there's no contact with the outer races or the bearing cage .

Re: possibly dumb spacer question

Ideally, you only want contact with the inner race. The seal spins with the outer race, so if there's any contact with the spacer, you'll get some drag, and probably wear out the seal.

You could remove the inner seal completely, but what I would do is just bevel the edge of the spacer on a grinder, so it only hits the inner race.

Re: possibly dumb spacer question

Pushrod Fifty /

All bikes have the spacer so the bearings ride without being torqued from the axle. The outers will float off of the hub shoulder a little so there is no axial load between the inner and outers.

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