1980 nc50 throttle cable options?

Does anyone know where i can find a bolt on throttle cable that's not OEM? Rlghtnlw we are only working with ebay type money unfortunatly. I am finallygetting around to getting this thing going and i'm going to need all the tips i can find. The one on treats i cnn tell if it will work

Re: 1980 nc50 throttle cable options?

Do you have the bad/broken original? If so you can reuse all the adjusters and stuff on a bicycle derailer cable with a knarp

Re: 1980 nc50 throttle cable options?

I'm all about repair/ salvage but for a replacement I highly recommend tsk cable japan. Have used their cables and they are high quality. In fact I believe they made the original cables for Honda as ive seen their markings on old, original factory cables. There was a dude in the U.K. on eBay selling them about 3-4 years ago. Cant find him now. Sifting through old pics I found this pic of one of the new tsk cables I installed on my old express.



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