Puch Maxi 70cc kit bogging under load

Current setup on my Puch Maxi Luxe II

70cc Airisal kit

15mm Bing carburetor CLONE

15mm Intake

Hi flo air filter (metal mesh)

Techno Circuit exhaust

Ngk spark plug

Second from top needle position

Currently I can get the moped to idle perfectly and I can WOT it on the stand and have no issues with it. As soon as I put any sort of load on it (ie. I get on the bike or I pull the brake without being on the bike) while trying to give it 1/8ths throttle it’ll die after a few seconds.

I’ve tried swapping different sized jets (I have a 82, 72, and 62 from the old carb), swapping air filters, adjusting the ring position on the needle, adjusting the idle screw, taking off the exhaust/putting on the original exhaust, checking the spark of the plug and the problem still persists.

I think the issue is a fuel/air mixture imbalance but this is my first bike so I’m not too knowledgeable on them. Is there anything I’m doing wrong or something I haven’t checked yet? Any suggestions?

Re: Puch Maxi 70cc kit bogging under load

Probably Fred /

Yeah take your punishment with a grain of salt, you’re a dummy that don’t read posts or search like you’re supposed to do.

You tried a couple Obscure jets which none of Them are right,

One jet and or needle and or atomizer wrong and your bike will be a dog when you need clear clean, crisp jetting throughout the range!

Most times a 78jet is right but that is with the real 217 atomizer and Single embossed ring needle which a clone doesn’t include (my opinion you should throw away the carburetor and get a real one) plus you didn’t time or service your magneto like your supposed to do before you do anything,

Read this and follow it perfectly or don’t and fail https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_timing

I’m sure you didn’t Rebuild your engine with new seals, tune your clutch, Regear and you’re probably not running a head temperature gauge either not to mention ya didn’t service your brakes, cables, bearings nothing!

You just Got a Moped and wanna go 50mph without learning to tune stock parts first,

With that mindset you be playing around with this bike forever and flooding these forms with your problems So going by what you said you probably should get like a motorcycle or scooter or something with monthly servicing and a guarantee Because a DIY Moped will never be good for you,

Re: Puch Maxi 70cc kit bogging under load

roots to wings /

Roffman. He's harsh, but he's right. I think 50 on a maxi is stupid personally, but that said, once I actually followed the tuning part of his advice above, I got my kit running good enough to catch my breath and regroup for a bottom end rebuild and clutch tuning. I tried to use a clone. They are useless. I didn't touch my rear wheel bearings and completely disintegrated them. I started without a temperature gauge and was running so lean and so hot that I came very close to killing my kit. But I ain't boggin' and I've got a plan for the clutch and bottom end. I ended up with a 78 jet on a bing 15 (just like he said) and am on the 2nd needle clip position from the bottom (3rd from top) to get a little more fuel probably because of leaky seals and shitty bottom end bearings. Time will tell. Also, a estoril sidebleed is a way better pipe than the tecno circuit in my opinion and the mlm cali might even be better.

Re: Puch Maxi 70cc kit bogging under load

Alex Edwards /

I appreciate your long and concise response and it’s full of good information but you could’ve left the attitude behind. I mad a mistake and I’ll learn from that. No need to be an a-hole.

Re: Puch Maxi 70cc kit bogging under load

Alex Edwards /

Thanks massboy, I’m probably going to take the advice above and dive deeper into the rabbit and properly work on my moped. (edited)

Re: Puch Maxi 70cc kit bogging under load

Oh the number of things it would end up being. And yeah you get some sass because there is almost an identical post like yours not even 5 posts down. Not to mention the other 10 that I have seen over the last couple months.

Just read up on some moped wrenching and get your hands dirty. Also get that new crank, bearings, and seals for the bottom end rebuild.

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