What Year Is This Suzuki?

I just picked up a Suzuki FA50, and it needs a lot of parts. It was only $50, so I figured it was worth it, even in its poor condition. However, I am uncertain as to what year it was made, and I don't want to start ordering parts without being certain that they will fit. Also, it says limited manufacture 9/80, so I'm hoping the parts are compatible will other FA50 models, otherwise it might prove difficult to find all the parts. Thanks in advance, guys.


Re: What Year Is This Suzuki?

9/80 sounds like sept 1980 to me

i think the major parts on those fa50's were pretty much the same

wiki fa50 (edited)

Re: What Year Is This Suzuki?

Okay, from my research I've come to the conclusion that it's a 1981 FA50X, but does anyone know what the value of this would be? Obviously dependent on the condition, but I'm trying to decide if it is worth all of the effort to repair. So far, pricing out all the parts via Treatland and eBay, I am up to about $700, and that's not accounting for the battery, Handle assemblies, rectifier, blinker relay. Does anyone have any good resources for parts for this model, because most of the cost involved so far is in the shipping costs?

Re: What Year Is This Suzuki?

Ahhhhhh, that makes sense. I posted my other message before I refreshed the page. You know of any good resources for parts other than Treatland or eBay?

Re: What Year Is This Suzuki?

Suzuki dealer will be able to get parts .


I'd see about finding another parts bike that has mostly what you need .

Then make one good out of two . Maybe sell leftovers .

Once put together in stock form you should get many years of dependable service .

Mine is doing just fine after 11 years of use . (edited)

Re: What Year Is This Suzuki?

yeah try to find a cheap parts bike and put ads on the buy/sell section for parts

$700 is wayyyyy too much to spend on parts to rebuild

Re: What Year Is This Suzuki?

As a current owner and restorer of an FZ50 (kind of a brother to FA50), I would keep that bike for parts and find another one that’s complete to fix up. A few good recommendations here, but the supply of Suzuki parts is not as good as a bunch of sources make it look. The retailers get their stock mostly from Suzuki and a lot of parts are no longer available from Suzuki. Partzilla.com is fairly reliable—check to see if they actually HAVE the parts, not just list them—two different things. There is some crossover between the Suzukis, but some big differences too. Ads here on MA work well, but hard to say if people have what you need. My guess is the market where you are is easy to determine—watch FB Marketplace for nopeds. I think it’s rare to see a noped sell for over $700. Here in FL, they are scooters and need titles, so check into that too. I have some spares that might help if you decide to fix this bike, though—a carburetor for FA50 that won’t fit an FZ50

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