1985 Garelli Basic


I'm rebuilding a moped for the first time, and being what I think is extremely diligent about the rebuild. I thought I took pictures of every single part as i deconstructed the bike. However, now that i'm in the rebuild stage - i've got a serious head-scratcher in the engine. Pictures attached. Here's my problem:

1. I'm re-installing the axle that the pedals attach to. It's got several parts that live inside the engine, including some washers, spacers, and a sprocket - that has a chain that connects to the other sprocket inside the engine. I assumed that sprocket would be "fixed" so that when you turn the axle, the sprocket will turn. But as i'm assembling it, in the way i think is correct - the sprocket spins freely, not "locking in" with the axle.

2. Additionally, there is a "notch" in the axle, that seems immovable. When i go to place the last washers over the axle, up against the sprocket, there is no way to get the washers to "sit" in any level way, because they bump up against the notch.

3. Every Garelli diagram i can find on the pedal axle and sprocket, shows a different style of sprocket and axle. I can't find any examples/pics of what matches my Garelli basic.

Finally, i thought i was meticulous about parts. I'm wondering if i'm missing a part, but none of the pics I took give me the impression I lost a piece or am missing one.

Would LOVE any input, as I'm totally stopped in the re-build until i figure out how to get this particular part sorted. Thanks in advance!


Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

You lost some super important bits. Two very little springs and two small bits of metal, about the size of a chicklet, that operate the freewheel/one way bearing for the pedals.

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

Dirty30 Dillon /

> Daniel '' Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> You lost some super important bits. Two very little springs and two

> small bits of metal, about the size of a chicklet, that operate the

> freewheel/one way bearing for the pedals.


You're missing the pawls from that one-way mechanism.

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

^^ those bits are easily lost and are totally trashy looking that end up in the garbage especially if you are diligent on keeping your work area clean. I make it a point to dissassemble on top of a container on top of cloth and doublle check for missing alien bits in the dark dirty abyss.

Also, You can zip tie things together as you take them off to keep them in order and right direction. For that NOI pedal shaft i left those thin wahsers( one on each side taped on) and zip tied the guts.

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

OK... so when i say i'm meticulous with parts, see attached... which is not to say I didn't screw up and lose something - which it clearly seems i did. But when i disassembled it (pic attached just as i did) I have no evidence that there was anything between the two washers (one flat black, the other metal with the lip) and the sprocket.

Does anyone have a picture of what i'm missing? I'm 4 months into a reno, with everything ready to assemble, and i'm dead in my tracks, ugh.

Thanks again!


Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

one more with all my remaining parts :)


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I don’t have any pictures, and couldn’t find a pedals shaft for noi but here’s a vip from myrons. So the one way is on the gear in this engine but it is essentially the same. #26 and #27

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i got a dirty noi bottom end id sell for 75 shipped. lemme know if ya want picts.

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

Dirty30 Dillon /

Lookit that loose spring.

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

Lol, Diligent Dirty Dillon.^^^

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

You are not paying attention to the wear marks on the shaft. The sprocket has slid on the pedal shaft.


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The idea that i'd lose two springs and two little metal "chicklets" or little "pawls" jsut guts me. But all the advice here tells me i did. Dammit.

Not sure treatland or myron's or anyone else has the bits. but i need them. If anyone has any sourcing suggestions please let me know. Didn't think a whole project would get stopped cold, ugh.


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LIve evil, thanks. you were right. That piece on the shaft that i thought wouldn't move, did in fact move. so that solves for the notch. Now i just have to find the springs and the chicklets. Sigh.


Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

I may have those parts you need let me take a look

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

I'm not sure what I am looking at now.

Let me ask, was this a motor that was mounted to a running bike? Did you come across this bike in non running condition or the motor was not mounted to the bike?

Its starting to look to me like you have parts from a two speed motor mounted in a 1 speed NOI case.

But then again if this is a 1985 The last year for the production of the motor I may be unfamiliar or if they changed the design.

O looked in my Noi parts bag and the pedal shaft does not have the one way free wheel design rather it has a spring arm that locks a sliding toothed gear up and down a conical cut in the shaft.


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Cheetachrome is correct. The springs and small paws (chicklets) were utilized on the two speed NOI motors NOT the one speed. As he suggested, there is a possibility that could have changed in or right before 85.

*Edit* I have personally swapped the internals of a one speed into a two speed set of engine cases. The cases are the same, the internals not. (edited)

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I would contact Shaun @ Myrons mopeds. He has an extensive data base, knowledge and parts for the Garelli mopeds. Let him know what you have and send him the pics you have posted here. Also, make sure he understands that you have some H2 parts within your H1 motor. He might have your missing parts too. He prefers email, although I have talked to him on the phone once.


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Your cases will accept the spring arm in Cheetachromes' pic. However, I would bet that the shims, washers and possibly other parts might need to be changed out. 1985 could of been a year that they simply used up surplus parts with some "adaptation".



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Wow, if the rest of the world operated like this community, it would be better off. You're all super, thanks.

The bike is definitely a 1985 Garelli Basic. I bought it 15 years ago at a flea market, and it was running, but the piston was so worn that it wasn't creating any torque to power the bike. I ran it around on flats for a few weeks, and then put it in a corner. I half dis-assembled it about 5 years ago, but stopped. Now, during Covid, i decided to strip it down to the last bold and resto-mod it back to glory. I would be shocked if the engine case had ever been opened since it was new, but i don't know for sure.

My insides, from the pics - do not contain the 'standard' pedal assembly that cheetachrome shows in his pic. I have an email convo going on with Shaun who is super helpful. I did find another thread, that shows the same assembly here on MA.. the thread is here:


The poster of that thread has the pawls i need, but they still belong to his bike. He was nice enough to give me more detailed pics and measurements for the pieces, so i'm working on it now with Shaun.

Thanks again to all.

Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

Also, i'll come back around with the reveal when this thing is done... would love feedback. I gave up on a 100% perfect restoration for a few reasons - went a bit more resto-mod... but its looking good... :)


Re: 1985 Garelli Basic

I remember the thread you posted a link to. The monza uses a VIP motor. The VIP and NOI share a lot of the same transmission parts.

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