Puch E50 Clutch Bell Wear

So a few weeks ago I pulled my old clutch out for examination. It was performing adequately but it had been years since I looked at it and I was getting ready to replace the old blue springs with stiffer ones. Turns out the pads were alllll fucked up. I replaced them with fresh OEM shoes, but I just got around to looking at the bell and it's really groovy, like not deep enough to measure with calibers but not just superficial, either, like I can feel the ridges with my fingertips. They're smoothish, not like scrapes with deep/sharp angles.

I've seen a few pics over time of marked-up clutch bells that people seem to be running without incident, but since this seems to go beyond the impressions of 40 years of clutch pads rubbing on it I figured I'd ask -- how much wear is too much wear for a mild kit that occasionally pulls 9,000 RPMs?


Re: Puch E50 Clutch Bell Wear

for a mild kit that occasionally pulls 9,000 RPMs

From what I've seen over the years , I'd run it .

If you're a perfectionist , put the bell on a lathe and smooth ...

Re: Puch E50 Clutch Bell Wear

Probably Fred /

That’s nothing I ran worse

why it got that way because some dummy ran type f fluid type of instead of synthetic motor oil 0w20-5W 30

Re: Puch E50 Clutch Bell Wear

Pussy Licker420 /

Take a Dremel stone to it!

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