No spark at points and plug

Does anyone have any idea why my mobylette has no spark at points and plug, also it is an old 2 stroke engine that is fixed in the back wheel, any ideas what model or make this could be. I can attach photos if anyone can help?

Re: No spark at points and plug

Fred's Guide

That should help you out.

Post the pics mang if only for that sweet sweet moped pron (edited)

Re: No spark at points and plug

Probably condenser or points.

Re: No spark at points and plug

I suggest to clean the points and look up the external condenser mod for the bike. Perhaps post some pictures of the bike.

If the bonding strap is kaput (usually are) replace it with a new strap going from the lower coil stud to a intake stud, for better continuity between engine and frame.

If the external coil looks old and chalky then good time to get a replacement for it.

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