Vespa bravo won't spark

I bought my Vespa bravo a couple days ago and it worked well in the beginning, then yesterday it suddenly stopped working. I checked if there was a spark and there was none. I also checked if my lights worked and they did work. Can anyone please help me?

Re: Vespa bravo won't spark

read up on ext ignition ground on myrons website.

Re: Vespa bravo won't spark

Fred’s Guide, as always, is required reading—go through that and once you’ve fixed some things and (please, dear God) replace some ancient and worn out stuff (plug, points, and condenser, for example), then come back with an update. This forum has some really capable trouble shooters; however, You’ve got some fundamentals to take care of before the crew here can do their best work

Re: Vespa bravo won't spark

Jef Pieters /

I've consulted fred's guide but I noticed that in able to clean the ignition points, you need to have a flywheel. Im pretty sure the Vespa bravo doesn't have that. So does anyone know where the ignition points are on a Vespa bravo?

Re: Vespa bravo won't spark

im pretty sure on a bravo its in the rear tail light.

Re: Vespa bravo won't spark

> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> im pretty sure on a bravo its in the rear tail light.

LOL . Ya gotta wonder . ;)

Re: Vespa bravo won't spark

1. Points are under the flywheel . There is a rubber inspection hole that if you are nimble you can remove and clean the points and even check the gap.

2. If it initially ran I would focus on the "other " end of the ignition coil that too is under the flywheel...all mopeds ,other than rare racing ones with another source of electrons , have flywheels. So if you aren't a troll you should read about it.

The other end of that coil powers the either the tail light or the brake light. Go to Myron's mopeds and locate your wiring diagram..then learn it before you further post. If that back circuit is interrupted ( light bulb blown etc etc ) no current will flow from either end of that coil and there won't be a spark.

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