Puch tank crud removal


Trying to clean out the tank on my Maxi. It has been sitting many years when I bought it. I do not want to use any acids as I am afraid of finding holes. Been pulling out these chunks of crap out (see picture).

What can I use to wash the tank out? Will DAWN and water help?

Re: Puch tank crud removal

Dirty30 Dillon /

Whether the Acid finds them or not, they are still there. At least if you find them you can correct and ride accordingly. If you don't find them, you've just got a time bomb. Honestly, I have no idea what those clods are, but I would be very sus of that tank's integrity.

Re: Puch tank crud removal

Beach Club Nick /

Remove petcock, plug with cork. Fill with gas and let it sit. It'll dissolve all the old gas that's pure gunk now. Drain

Re: Puch tank crud removal

Try Evaporust . Pretty sure you could drink it , but don't .

Get educated :

Re: Puch tank crud removal

Better to find a hole now than when you are riding and gas leaks onto your hot engine and ignites while riding....

Re: Puch tank crud removal

It's dried up fuel mixture. Tank was probably full when it was put away.

Acetone should work. Never tried fresh gas, but that might work, too.

If there's pinholes, I agree with everyone else. Once the tanks clean, you'll find them.

The funnest part is gonna be flipping the bike over and getting all that crap out. If it was me, I'd take it completely apart so you're just dealing with the frame, otherwise you'll never get it fully clean.

And if there are pinholes, use Caswell tank sealer. You'll definitely need it all apart so you can roll the frame around to completely coat the tank

Re: Puch tank crud removal

Carl Cavaliere /

I had rust in my 1978 Puch Maxi tank although nothing as bad as what you have pictured here. I removed the petcock and plugged it with a cork. I then added Metal Rescue to the tank and let it sit for 48 hours. Metal Rescue is a water based product and will not hurt the tank. I then drained the fluid and repeatedly flushed the tank with a garden hose. I was shocked at what came out.

Re: Puch tank crud removal

Kevin Bishop /

I second the evaporust. Great stuff!

I have done them all apple cider vinegar, Acetone, diesel...

It’s reusable. Don’t fill with gas. What do you do with bad gas?

1 Vinegar

2 Baking soda in water

3 Acetone

4 Evaporust

5 Coat with oil IMMEDIATELY!!!


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