Rear 18 80 brakes not fitting

Gretchen Bates /

What gives? Treatland party pack brakes 18 up for my 1977 puch maxi s. Front shoes fit just fine.

Changed out the rear and the shoes seem too big. Can’t get it back into the drum.


Re: Rear 18 80 brakes not fitting

alotta moped stuff needs slight mods to fit, if its close id say, use that drum sander in the dremel kit, or a rat tail file, or the edge of a curb and hit the small cresent shaped part. Of course you can sand the pads as well.

Re: Rear 18 80 brakes not fitting

The lever your brake cable fits in is attached to a little tab. You can see it in your pic. That tab is supposed to move up and down a little bit, and sometimes you have to jiggle it a little to get the brake assembly in there but it often gets stuck. Try taking the plate off, removing the shoes, blasting it clean with brake cleaner, working the leveler back and forth and up and down, and if necessary applying some penetrating oil or PB Blaster. Once you've got it moving again, clean off the oil with brake cleaner and apply some brake grease at the pivot points (including the post and cam inside). then put the shoes back on and try fitting it in.

Re: Rear 18 80 brakes not fitting

The shoes can move up and down a bit. They might be off a little bit. Sometimes you just gotta wiggle them to get them in.

Also make sure they're seated in all the way. Sometimes they'll be stuck above the actuator lip and just need to be popped in a bit.

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