Hobbit won't idleeee


Got a speedy lil hobbit recently but it doesn't want to idle anymore. Compression spark fuel got all that, mixture screw is out about 5 and idle about 6 and 1/2.

It doesn't want to kick over on the stand but I got it to almost sit idle from a few pedal starts this morning until I turned in the idle screw. There wasn't any change in the idling (I wanted it to slow a bit), it just died out and doesn't wanna kick over again now.

It seems like both screws are pretty far out? I also got a shock from my brake levers afterward, maybe that's related? Thanks for any help.

EDIT: My dumbass just saw a similar issue in the forum, I'll be back with jetting and setup (edited)

Re: Hobbit won't idleeee

Beach Club Nick /

3 things needed to run, spark compression and gas. Did you check for spark? Did you check for fuel flow? There is almost never a reason to fuck with the air adjustment screw on the carb, the idle screw is understandable.

Re: Hobbit won't idleeee

theres a real stupid and problematic idle circuit in hobbits, look up hobbit idle isues and "tip-in"

The shock from the handlebars is 100% a grounding issue. because the engine and the frame are connected only by the rubber grommets in the swigarm pivot and the rubber gromets on the shocks theyre electrically isolated. Run a simple ground strap or just a wire from a point on the engine or swingarm up to a bolt on the frame and that problem's fixed

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