Piston Ring Sticking

Hey everybody, so I tested the compression on my FA50 after it was having some issues and found that it was pretty low. I took the head off and the cylinder and found the piston rings were stuck in the grooves. I took them out, and for good measure just ordered new rings and gaskets and such. It seems that no matter how much I clean the grooves even the new rings stick. Any methods for getting grime out? It seems as though the grooves are not clogged and I've gone through it plenty of times. Could it be the metal on the piston itself warped causing tightness? Also is it necessary to hone the cylinder with these new rings? I do not have a hone but if it is worth it then perhaps I will get everything for one. Thank you.

Re: Piston Ring Sticking

Do the rings stick in just one area or all around the piston ?

Are the landings shiny clean all the way around ?

And , yes , the cylinder should be honed to produce a decent cross hatch when installing new rings .

Re: Piston Ring Sticking

How many miles was it before you tore it down to check the rings?

Re: Piston Ring Sticking

take one of your old rings and and break them in half (as if they'er not) you can use the end of the busted rings as a really cool tool to shave the grooves back into shape. Just try to keep them standing straight in the grooves as your carving out the black goo.

As for a hone you can make one out of a pencil and some light cardboard. Cut the card board into 2" wide strip about 2' long. Tape one end to the pencil and wrap it tight . round and round till you have a drum almost the size of the cylinders bore. Then cut som 80 grit sand paper and tape/wrap that around the drum till it over laps a few times.

Chuck that whole mess into a drill and spinn it in the bore moving in and out in a fast motion. Then you are comfy that your cylinder is all scratchy and uniform shiny well then it will most certainly hold a nice sheen of oil on its wall to help the rings.

Now GO GO Hurry

Re: Piston Ring Sticking

^this, I do it all the time, using old rings to clean the ring grooves

Re: Piston Ring Sticking

Pushrod Fifty /

Check the new ones for deposits or burrs. The packing grease can dry up and cause rust or varnish type deposits. Clean with XXXX steel wool and thinner. There is a spec for side clearance measured with a feeler gauge.

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